How To Earn Money Online In Pakistan In 2024


 How To Earn Money Online In Pakistan In 2024
How To Earn Money Online In Pakistan In 2024


Well there are many ways of online earning but today we are going to discuss such a way which is very simple and easy because you know there is a lot of poverty in Pakistan and people are not given any opportunities to work. And they are not offered jobs according to their educational qualifications, so the most important and big problem in this era is earning. In this blog we will discuss how you can earn online from home. And that too from your mobile phone because in today's age everyone has a mobile phone or smart phone  So it should be invested in some account. We want every person to earn online from their mobile and that too without any investment because you know that money is lost in investment and people are always under tension. So, if you don't want to waste your money, we are going to share a method at your service which is very easy and without investment. You can start earning without wasting any time by starting your blog.

How to create an account?

I have a lot of websites where you can easily earn a couple of dollars by working daily only if you have to work I have a long list of websites that work online but Out of them I am going to discuss only one which is UNU you have to signup on it first correct account on it after creating account remember your password and login id. to be kept and how to work on it when you join the project, we discuss all this in detail further, the link to sign up is given below.

Withdraw methods

After signing up and signing in you will be shown an interface like this with a long list of tasks that you have to complete. I can take and withdraw it in Up Peer or Perfect Money and the next process is how to create an Ap Peer account or how to create a Perfect Money account is also written in our next blog. You can visit this blog for more details on how to create a Peer or Perfect Money account.

How to work on it

Now the question arises that how to work on it, it is very easy to do, it has an easy interface, you have to complete small tasks, after completing it, you are paid for it, to be checked by the advertiser. For example, if an advertiser wants a follower on social media, then he creates a task for you, i.e. runs a campaign, in which he gives all the instructions, i.e. step number one in the form of steps. I have to do this in step number two, I have to do this in step number three, after seeing all this, he says which proof you have to give me means that you have actually done this work, then he checks that If you have done the job correctly, he will release the payment if you have not done it correctly.If yes, he will release the payment to you, if you don't do it right, he may send you to for revison or he may reject the assignment.

How to get payout

Now the question arises that how can we withdraw from it. It is very easy to withdraw from here. You must have a Perfect Money or Peer account. Save the account number. After saving, when you reach the minimum payout, you can withdraw and the withdrawal will be in your account in two to three hours. Or you can take it in cash.


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