My Telenor Quiz Answer Today 23 January 2024

Hello to all in this article we are going to answer the questions of Telenor because you know that the answers of the questions of Telenor are not understood by everyone, so we have given these answers for your convenience. We uploads the answer every day at 12 am and if you want to get Free Mb on daily basis then you can search on this website by typing date on daily basis so we have . To start the quiz, first open the Up My Telenor app and go to the quiz section.
My Telenor Quiz Answer Today

Lets we start the first answer now!

Question 1: Which country won the Rugby World Cup 2023??

New Zealand


South Africa


Answer: South Africa

Question 2: Croatia replaced its national currency, the kuna, with ____?





Answer: Euro

Question 3: Legendary rock singer _____ announced his retirement from touring?

  • Ozzy Osbourne
  • Bon Jovi
  • Metalica
  • AC/DC

Answer: Ozzy Osbourne

Question 4: Turkey and Syria were hit by an earthquake on 6 February. What was the magnitude of the earthquake?

  • 6.2
  • 3.5
  • 7.8
  • 10

Answer: 7.8

Question 5: The Armenian-Turkish border opened for the first time in ____ years?

  • 35
  • 40
  • 55
  • 100

Answer: 35

Test Your Skills Today Answer

Test Your Skills Today Answer is a segment in the Telenor quiz today. It’s a way to evaluate your general knowledge and test your skills. If you pass the test, Telenor will reward you with free MB to browse the internet. don't worry We will give you this quiz on daily basis And will also give their answers By developing this website you can get You can get Mb daily by answering Telenor questions. 

Increase Your Concentration 

How to solve telenor Quiz answer today

First of all open My Telenor And now you go to the quiz area After going to the quiz area, open the quiz. And keep answering all these quizzes one by one. Like question number one question number two question number 3 etc And I can tell you with a hundred percent guarantee that none of your answers will be wrong And on the last question you will get 150 MB. 

Enjoy your MB....


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